About Us

Come join us and become a dancer at the most exciting dance school in Hendricks County, where instructors share their dance skills as well as their love, enthusiasm and innovations for dance. The Dance Center is located next to the Plainfield Gym on Main Street in Plainfield.

We offer both competitive and recreational dance programs. Your child will benefit from expert instruction by highly credentialed teaching staff that bring a variety of talents and experience to our facility. We offer dance instruction that will allow your dancer to improve coordination, rhythm, and self-confidence while engaged in an activity that encourages physical fitness. Our lobby has large viewing windows so that you can observe the classrooms as the students learn everything from ballet and classical dance technique to the latest dance moves.

We invite you to come to a dance school where you can watch children’s self-esteem and confidence grow as they participate in the performing arts. Your child is welcome to attend one complimentary session free of charge to experience what our programs have to offer. Whether your child is looking to dance for fun or to become a professional, we have classes for everyone from ages two to adult.